Oil Painting

8 Turbots


Oleg Mikhailov, 2016 
785 x 680mm
Oil on Canvas

Internationally acclaimed Russian artist and printmaker Oleg Mikhailov is obsessed with the sea, his abiding subject and the source of his dreams and inspiration: “I am a water man. I take a fishing rod or mask and flippers and strive to find depth in a mysterious world.”

Oleg studied painting and printmaking at the renowned St Petersburg Academy of Arts. The classical grounding he received gives a formal strength to his drawing, an ability to move seamlessly between depth and flatness that can only be developed through long hours in the studio and a close observation of light and the natural world.  

Oleg’s career has been extremely successful and his artworks can be found in most of the major Russian and Chinese museums. He spends more than six months per year in China where he is venerated for his calligraphic style and is frequently guest of honour at key international exhibitions.

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