Eugen Gorean15th to 25th of September 2016

Eugen Gorean is our first artist to visit Guernsey on the Art For Guernsey program. Eugen will be in residency in Guernsey in September 2016.

Project Description

24-year-old Eugen graduated top of his class from the Chisinau Art Academy in Moldova. Despite his young age he has exhibited all over the world and is now recognised internationally as a highly-talented watercolourist.

He has been supported in his career by Guernsey resident and art collector David Ummels, who first spotted the young artist’s work four years ago at an international exhibition in France.

For David, that was the start of a rewarding relationship. He said, “I first made contact with Eugen when I sent him a note after buying two of his paintings. It became clear that, despite his talent, simply buying drawing paper was a struggle. I arranged to send him a shipment of high quality paper, and soon began receiving watercolours in return. Since then I have supported him with advice and industry contacts. I have also been able to commission artworks from Eugen, often when cash flow was critical for him to be able to move forward with his work.

It has been wonderful to see his career progress through his talent and hard work. Now I would love for islanders in Guernsey to be able to enjoy his exciting art. It is simply watercolour at its best”.

Since David and Eugen first met, the artist’s career has gone from strength to strength and he is now a watercolourist of global renown with a host of international accolades. He shows his work all over the world and following this weekend’s Guernsey visit will be exhibiting ten of his paintings in the European Parliament. It is due to his relationship with David that he has agreed to show his work in Guernsey.

The September exhibition will take place at the Market Square and will be free of charge with all sponsorship money being given to local charities. Eugen has also agreed to divide any profit equally with David, who will be donating his share to charity. In this way it is hoped to raise a substantial amount for local good causes.

Alongside the exhibition Eugen will be involved with a number of community projects to inspire and encourage the young and old. He will be visiting schools and retirement homes each weekday to run demonstrations showcasing his talent at turning a blank sheet of paper into a watercolour in just a quarter of an hour.

All islanders will also have the opportunity to attend a workshop to watch Eugen create a watercolour capturing a scenic spot in Guernsey. The location for this and further details will be announced closer to the time of his visit.

Name:Eugen Gorean

DOB: 10/04/1991

Nationality: Moldovan

Pace of Birth: Moldova



2016. Portico Gallery Sveneoaks London, Great Britain

2016. Tour Medievale ,Morestel.France


2016. IIBienale International of Watercolor in Leon.France

2016. Salon International of Watercolor Uckange.France

2016. I Bienale international of Watercolor Ile -de-France Paris.France

2016. Salon International of Watercolor in Douai.France

2015. International Watercolor Exhibition in Shenzhen.China

2015. Biennale International d’Aquarelle Tour&Taxis,Brussels.Belgium

2015. Salon Francophone d’aquarelle,( international guest)Brussels.Belgium

2015. Salon international de l’Aquarelle du Aiguillon .France

2015. International exhibition of watercolor in Fabriano.Italy

2015.  Salon International d’aquarelle Caussade.France

2015.  International exhibition.Les Printemps de l’aquarelle.Libramont.Belgium

2015.  Salon international d’AQUARELLE Montgermont.France

2015.  Salon d’aquarelle du Haillan.France

2015.  International exhibition.(Masters of watercolor) Sankt-Petersburg.Russia

2014.  Biennale D’aquarelle Narbonne,France

2014.  Salon international Saint Pol de Leon.France

2014.  Biennale d’Aquarelle Toulouse.France

2014.  Art-antique-fair.Bordeaux.France

2013.  6th-Encontro International de aguarela de Santa Cruz.Portugal

2013.  Biennale International de l’aquarelle du Namur.,price of young”Belgium

2013.  Salon International de ‘aquarelle du Haillan.France

2013.  Salon International de l’aquarelle du Uckange.awarded 1 place.France

2013.   Group-Exhibition.Allfun. Chisinau.Moldova

2012.   Award,,The best student at Academy of Arts”(2011-2012) Moldova

2012.  Exhibition-Contest,Exlibris ,,BNM 180 years”awarded 3rd place.Moldova

2012.  Salon international de l’aquarelle du Gaillon.France

2012.  Salon international de l’aquarelle,Saint Yriex.France

2012.  Salon international de l’Aquarelle du Aiguillon .France

2012.  National Library,Graphic grup exhibition. Chisinau,Moldova

2011.  Salon de l’Aquarelle du Aiguillon awarded 1st place in category (The new talent) France

2011.  Salon international de l’Aquarelle du Haillan awarded 2nd place, France

2010.  Center of Exhibition C.Brancusi, Contest(Noi tineretul creator).awarded 3rd place Chisinau,Moldova

“I have always been curious about art and beautiful things, and as early as the age of 15, I decided to make this passion a serious part of my life. At the Art Academy in Moldova, from the amalgam of all the techniques that I have tried, I decided to pursue watercolors. Once I discovered it I understood that it is a technique without any limits. I started to paint landscapes in small format and then with the years my experience grew as well as the dimensions of my paintings.
The “here and now” of the watercolors had always fascinated me as I am trying to describe and represent the things that tomorrow will already be gone. Since I am travelling a lot, I am always trying to find something special and typical of the places or countries that I am visiting. I like to play with the color contrasts, and the conflict between big surfaces and tiny details. I can say that the light is my inspiration, I like the way it envelopes everything I see and transforms it into a shining treasure. The bird is a symbol that I use very often in my creation.
I am an artist who always do experiments, that is why I am not working only on one theme, I don’t do only landscapes, but still-life, flowers and animals as well. I am painting the birds and the animals on a white background just to show the richness of their colors, the texture of their feathers and the softness of their fur. Less is more.
I am trying to get the maximum out of the watercolor technique and share it with the world, and I am very happy when people get to love what I do. For those who are interested in learning I am always ready to teach, for those who admire I am always ready to do better and for those who appreciate I am giving them the best of me.”

You’ve been in Guernsey for the weekend­ and were painting ‘live’ on Saturday­, did you enjoy that experience?­
“Yes, I enjoyed it very much! I’m very impressed by the light I see here, by the scenery and the landscapes. I always dreamed to paint in a place like this, where the colors are so bright and the contrast is so vivid. It brings new shades in my palette.”
What inspires you as a painter?­
“I’m always inspired by the journeys i do, new places, new people, new traditions, new food, it’s very enriching. Also by the architecture and the pure nature, the changing of the seasons, the light and the shadows of each of it.”
Have you seen anything in Guernsey that­ you would like to paint? 
“Every corner of Guernsey is beautiful, especially for me, since I come from a totally different place, where even the light is different. I’m excited to paint the beaches, the tiny streets, the sunsets and the people of this wonderful island.”
You’ve come to Guernsey because of Davi­d, has he been important to your career? 
“David is a very good friend of mine, and yes he has been very important for my career, he showed me a lot of new things in art I only read in books, he introduced me to his collection of art objects that inspired me as well, that taught me to look different at my own art, and he is always there for me in time of need. He is the one that saw something in me and I’m very glad he believes we can make a good event in September, it means a lot to me.”
You’ve exhibited all over the world, ho­w do you feel about that success?
“I’m painting every day, trying new themes, new techniques and the fact that I can exhibit abroad is a great reward for my work. I’m very happy I have the chance to travel and show my works at the same time at the exhibitions and international salons. I meet new artists who become new friends, I see how they work, I’m learning from them, I’m learning from life, it’s great!”

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