Dimitri Permiakov – September 2018

Private View 19th September 7pm-9pm

Open to public viewing from 20th September – 29th September 2018

Dimitri Permiakov is our third artist in residence visiting September 2018.

Dimitri is our artist in residence this year and his artworks will be on show at the Market Square from the 19th of September until the 29th of September.

Dimitri Permiakov was born in 1983 in the City of Kirov, Russia. He studied art at Vyatka Art College for 5 years and then went on to study at the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Moscow for 7 further years. He is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Over the course of his career, Dimitri has collected a large number of awards and diplomas, including a silver medal from TCXP (Creative Union of Artists of Russia) for his contribution to the National Arts of his country. He has been a professional artist for more than 10 years and as such took part in a multitude of solo or collective art exhibitions of significant importance in Russia. His work has been curated in various major museums in Moscow, St Peterbourg and other cities, including the State Hermitage Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts and the Central House of Artists. Dimitri has recently been curated by the Head of the Russian Art Academy as one of the best artists of his country in an all Russia visiting art exhibition. His artworks are collected by tier one public and private collectors in Russia, China, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Montenegro and USA. His exhibition with Art for Guernsey will be his first ever solo show not only in the UK but in Western Europe.

Dimitri’s main technique is oil painting. His credo as an artist is to observe and love life. Using the tradition of Russian realistic painting, Dimitri’s art conveys the characteristic features of our reality but also the state of mind of a person. He likes to represent the destinies of people, tired of the big cities, aspiring to nature and the eternal values of ordinary human life. He also likes to bring light to social issues, with an ironic sense of humour, regardless of whether he paints landscapes, portraits or still-lifes.


Born in 1983 in the city of Kirov

2003 graduated from Vyatka Art College named after Rylov

2010 Russian Academy of Painting Sculpture and Architecture

Member of the Artists Union of Russia

Dmitry Permyakov is a modern, Russian painter. Dmitry believes his life and creative credo is the ability to observe and love life. The artist’s main technique is oil painting. Using the traditions of Russian realistic painting, D. Permyakov conveys not only the characteristic features of our reality, but also the state of mind of a person. In the center of the pictures he created are the destinies of people, tired of a big city, aspiring to nature and the eternal values ​​of ordinary human life. Socially sounding themes are one of the most important virtues of Dmitry Permyakov’s painting

Dmitriy Permiakov paintings manifest his sense of humor, and lively ironic outsight . Regardless of whether works on landscapes, portraits or still-lifes, the artist strives to bring to light social issues. Be it studies or sketchers , he is intent on paintings , he engages in the quest for a figurative expressivity to be found in vivid composition , in the emotional whirlwind of pastose strokes , and audacious contrasts.

While adhering to the priority of finding solutions to coloristic challenges, Permiakov remains an attentive explorer of what is going on in the indigenous art within the social and cultural framework. One the one hand , his approach of treating paintings as «Russian myth» folklore, and mentality stereotypes . That is why the mesmerizing beauty of his painting technique is no less important than the narrative seen in his portraits of fishermen and street cleaners , and other subjects , like pickerels and steam bath bowls , which are so Russian in their nature.

Behind each Permiakov’s painting , there is a passionate and reverent personality . Such works as «Everything is ok» (2011) , «The road to Childhood» (2012) «Our Yards» reveal a personal attitude to the places depicted . Critical comprehension of reality does not deprive him of the ability to admire everything he sees, so his characters are given the chance to enjoy simple pleasures , such as taking pride in the fish harvest , and manly weekend still lifes featuring wine and vodka. For each log hut , window and fence , the artist finds peculiar and unique features which reflect the plain life , simple way of living , and spirit of their owner.

Dmitry Permyakov regularly participates in many all-Russian exhibitions, organizes various thematic exhibitions, and also holds solo exhibitions. Each exit “to the viewer” takes place with great public resonance and vivid emotional responses.

D.Permyakov’s paintings are in galleries and private collections in Russia, the USA, Germany, England, Austria, France, Italy, Montenegro, and China.

Since 2007 Dmitry Permyakov has been actively engaged in exhibition activities. He is a participant of regional, all-Russian, foreign exhibitions and open-air.

2011 – “The Golden Brush” CHA. Moscow

2011 – “Space of Time”, halls of the Academy of Art, Moscow

2012 – participation in paintings in the auction, Paris. France. Finalist of the Painting Contest “Artist Magazine”, London

2011-2012 – creative trips to Montenegro, participation in exhibitions following the results of open airs

2012 – participation in the exhibition “Dreams of Montenegro”, Central House of Artists, Moscow

2012 – personal exhibition “Everything is fine with us”, gallery Easel,

St. Petersburg

2013 – “Big Volga”, Kazan-Perm-Yoshkar-Ola

2014 – “Jubilee exhibition” 75 years of the Union of Artists of Perm “,” Art Perm “, Perm

2014 – “Russia XII” – All-Russian Art Exhibition, Central House of Artists. Moscow

2014 – Creative trip to the Olympics in Sochi. Work on a series of paintings “Russian Ice”

2014 – participation in the Mobile exhibition of the Olympic project “Bright. Juicy. His, the gallery Easel, St. Petersburg. Olympic Committee of St. Petersburg, DEVE Gallery, Moscow

2014 – a creative trip to the Crimea. Exhibition in the Museum. M.P. Kroshitsky, Sevastopol

2015 – Interregional Youth Exhibition “Volga Young”, Yoshkar-Ola.

2015 Mobile exhibition “Russian Landscape” gallery Easel St.Petersburg, Exhibition Center – Hermitage Viborg

2015 International open-air “Art-Chusovaya”, the town of Starokutsk

2016 “The attraction of realism” School of watercolor by Sergei Andriyaka. Moscow

2016 “World of Achievements” All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art. Moscow. Exhibition Complex “Lenexpo”, St. Petersburg

2016 All-Russian Open Air “Parma” Perm Territory. village Kyn (spring plein air)

2016 All-Russian exhibition “Youth of Russia” Central House of Artists of Moscow

2016 “Not fore sale” CEH. Perm

2016 All-Russian Open Air “Parma” Perm Territory. village Kyn (autumn plein air)

2016-2017 All-Russian exhibition “Faces of Russia” in Arkhangelsk

2017 Personal exhibition “The Artist’s House” in Perm

2017 Creative trip to the north of the Kola Peninsula. pos. Teriberka

2017 Creative trip to Paris. France. North of France. Etretat

2017 All-Russian traveling exhibition “Picturesque Russia”:

city ​​of Pskov “Gos. Historical and Architectural Art Museum-Reserve »

Stavropol “The Regional Museum of Fine Arts”

Moscow “Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery”

2017 Regional exhibition “Russian Arctic” CEH of the city of Perm

He was awarded 2 diplomas by the International Fund “Cultural Heritage”

Diploma for creative achievements in the Picture of the Foundation of Social Cultural Initiatives of Svetlana Medvedeva

Diploma for the personal exhibition dedicated. Olympiad in Sochi 2014 was given to Olympiysk. committee of St. Petersburg

2015 Letter of thanks for the organization of the exhibition project “Russian Landscape” from the State Hermitage Museum

2015 For the organization of the exhibition project “Russian Landscape” a scholarship of the Government of the Russian Federation


2016 Diploma of the exhibition “The World of Achievements”

2017 Diploma All-Russian exhibition “Faces of Russia”

2017 Diploma of the participant of the mobile All-Russian exhibition “Picturesque Russia” issued by RAX

2017 Silver medal for contribution to the national fine arts. issued by ТСХР


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