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1 Jan

Leaving for Love

Gallery Manager Megan

Megan Wyatt-Nicolle, our Gallery Manager, is sadly leaving us to start a new adventure in Portugal – but we haven’t seen the last of her! She told us about her time with Art for Guernsey and what the future holds.

Although Megan started as Gallery Manager in November 2022, she had previously volunteered for Art for Guernsey, notably painting the “Boris Johnson room” for the Transformation exhibition. “I then worked as part of the catering team on the opening night,” said Megan. “It’s crazy to think that I started by working for James Ferguson and he then became my go-to for organising events at the gallery.”

The position of Gallery Manager involved being the “glue” of Art for Guernsey – the main contact for events, exhibitions, workshops, a support for the rest of the team and visiting artists, and everything else in between. “I loved the idea of every day looking different and I like to get stuck in, and that’s exactly what the position was offering. It was great to be involved from the start of the gallery development – although Art for Guernsey had already been an organisation for seven years when I joined, it felt like the start of a new chapter,” explained Megan.

Starting the job before the gallery opened gave Megan the chance to really get to grips with what Art for Guernsey stands for. She went into schools as part of the Cultural Enrichment programme, developed great relationships with sponsors, and put forward valuable opinions as the team planned the renovation of the gallery. As Megan recalls, “When we opened to the public with our Retrospective exhibition the gallery was a shell compared to the home that we have now made it, but the pride I felt sitting at my makeshift desk, chatting to visitors as
they came in, is something that I remember very fondly.”

Megan has enjoyed many aspects of her time as Gallery Manager: “We really are the Art for Guernsey family. I have learnt so much from being a part of this team, most notably the selflessness of working within the charitable sector. Every single person in our team does what they do because they love it. Never once has anyone complained about coming in an extra day or two, we all chip in to help each other without a second thought.”

Megan is leaving us for love, as her boyfriend Joe is training to be a pilot in Portugal and they have both had enough of being apart. It wasn’t an easy decision to make: “I felt like my heart was in two places,” she said. “Ultimately, I decided that you only live once and I have never been one to take the easy option so here I am, leaving a job that I love, with a team who I consider friends rather than colleagues, but deep down I know that it’s the right decision for me and I couldn’t be more excited.”

In terms of day-to-day job responsibilities, hosting the artists and ensuring they have the opportunity to truly appreciate the beauty of our island has to be up there with my most enjoyable moments. Opening the Renoir exhibition after months of hard work was also a huge achievement.

A very special artwork will be packed in Megan’s suitcase: “During the Winter with Gorean exhibition, I treated myself to one of Eugen Gorean’s miniature paintings, it’s a little fox sleeping with a Guernsey landscape behind him. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and figured it was small enough to take with me.” One artwork Megan would love to own is ‘The Soil Gave Up the Gold’ by Sally Ede-Golightly. “I was talking to Sally about her body of work for Of Earth & Islands and we were discussing the pull that Guernsey seems to have on people. No matter where you go or what you do with your life, Guernsey will always find a way to draw you back, and this artwork depicts this idea beautifully.”

Luckily for the team, Megan will be back to visit her family and to help with workshops. “They can’t get rid of me that easily!” she said. “I will be back whenever I can, helping out in whatever capacity I am needed. Art for Guernsey will always have a special place in my heart and I’m incredibly grateful for the memories I have made during my time here.”


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