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8 Sep

Hugo set to dramatically a-pier

Art for Guernsey, Press & Editions

Recognising one of Guernsey’s most famous residents, A Renaissance of Victor Hugo is to be held on the Albert Pier from later this month when Art for Guernsey offers its latest feast for the senses.

This year Art for Guernsey’s artists in residence are the internationally acclaimed Daniel Hosego (London) and Oleg Mikhailov (St Petersburg). Both artists are incredibly versatile and contemporary in their approach, while still strongly influenced by the Renaissance period. They were tasked with the daunting mission of revisiting the legacy of the ultimate ‘Renaissance Man’ in Guernsey, Victor Hugo. Daniel and Oleg’s astounding artworks were inspired by the Toilers of the Sea, Hauteville House, Hugo himself and the myriad symbols and metaphors of the Renaissance.

The free exhibition is to be held in three impressive domes, and will offer a visual feast as well as cultural enrichment for everyone who visits. The Art for Guernsey team doesn’t want to give too many spoilers away but you can expect an immersive experience the likes of which has never been seen in Guernsey.

Mike Hopkins, Director of Marketing & Tourism at VisitGuernsey, has said that he is very much looking forward to the show and is confident that it provides an excellent opportunity for cultural tourism. He said: ‘With the re-opening of Hauteville House last April and the increased marketing and PR activities surrounding this, French visits to Guernsey showed healthy growth last year. The theme for Art for Guernsey’s new show couldn’t have been better planned or timed, as the appetite for all things Hugo is high at the moment.

‘We’re delighted to support Art for Guernsey by promoting these important art initiatives off-island, all of which help to establish Guernsey as a centre for cultural excellence.’

Art for Guernsey is a charitable initiative launched and supported by Guernsey resident and art collector David Ummels.

Each year Art for Guernsey invites an internationally renowned artist to visit and be inspired by Guernsey, and to produce related artworks to be displayed centrally and constitute an artistic legacy for the island.

Art in School, the innovative art-lending programme, makes available artworks of museum quality to any Guernsey school willing to develop project-based learning opportunities and use the artworks in a multidisciplinary context (creative writing, geography, science, maths, history, technology and so on). This programme has been incredibly successful; to date 18 Guernsey schools have engaged with the initiative.

Art for Guernsey also has a strong remit to support local artists in various ways and to invest its resources to support various innovative art and education-related local charitable projects.

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