The African Guernsey Community Project

The African Guernsey Community Project Art for Guernsey

The African Guernsey Community Project

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Art for Guernsey to collaborate with local photographer Aaron Yeandle to curate the African Guernsey Community Photographic Project, an exhibition celebrating the island’s African community.

Local photographer Aaron Yeandle has been working on an exciting project to capture the portraits of members of Guernsey’s African community, and the Art for Guernsey team will collaborate with him to showcase Aaron’s contemporary photography and celebrate diversity on the island. Even though many of the people featured in Aaron’s work have only settled here over the last few years, the African community and culture play a large part in Guernsey’s society.

The African Guernsey Community Project Art for Guernsey

Aaron is an international award-winning fine art documentary photographer who has been photographing Guernsey’s communities for 10 years. The African Guernsey Photographic Project is intended to be a positive reflection on our ever-changing communities. It is a social heritage project which will become a photographic archival record of a moment in our history.

Aaron’s intimate portraits feature people who live and work in Guernsey, with many of them taken in people’s homes, showing their private environments.

David Ummels, founder of Art for Guernsey, said:

“At Art for Guernsey, we are used to applying art in projects that deliver wider societal, educational or community values. Over its rich history, the island has always been a welcoming and open society. The opportunity to do a show to celebrate the increased diversity brought by the recently settled African community, and to wish them a warm welcome, is hugely exciting; we hope it will be an ideal platform to meet the African community, and vice versa. As well as showcasing Aaron’s intimate portraits, in our strongroom we will unveil an artwork by Lynette Yiadom-Boakiye, hailed as the ‘new Lucien Freud’ in the UK, in order to have a dialogue with Aaron’s body of work and to honour the African community.”

Aaron said:

“Photography, as a medium, wields the remarkable power to unite. It harmoniously weaves the intricate threads of our ever-evolving social fabric. Over the years, I have embarked on a significant photographic journey, delving into the rich tapestry of Guernsey’s social history and heritage.

However, this latest body of work holds a deeply personal resonance. It stands as an artistic testament to the profound importance it bears, not just for me, but for both the Guernsey and African communities. Its essence lies in the imperative to shine a beacon of positive awareness upon the vibrant African community now flourishing within Guernsey’s embrace. Furthermore, to appreciate and celebrate the rich cultures and heritages that the individuals bring from their respective African homelands. It is a source of immense pride for me to undertake this compelling photographic project and exhibition, one that brings together Guernsey and the African communities.

People from all over Africa who are now based in Guernsey are invited to participate in the African Community Project. It would be wonderful if you or your family and friends would consider taking part in this unique and historical project.”



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