Cultural Diplomacy

We believe in the power of art to bring communities together and promote Guernsey in a positive and engaging way. At the heart of this is cultural diplomacy, a soft power that includes the exchange of cultural ideas in order to foster mutual understanding.

Although the term ‘cultural diplomacy’ was established fairly recently, throughout history the interaction of peoples, the exchange of language, ideas, arts and societal structures have improved relations between divergent groups. One way in which Art for Guernsey practises cultural diplomacy is by bringing international artists to the island, so they can be inspired and produce artworks that we show to the community, and we create an artistic legacy. These artists are exposed to Guernsey’s natural beauty, and become our perpetual ambassadors.

We aim to support our hospitality and tourism industries by bringing more visitors to our shores, and providing activities and content for them once they arrive. The Renoir Walk is just one example of how art can engage the community and support the island’s tourism industry with inventive and interesting events. Take a look at our case studies to see other cultural diplomacy projects we have undertaken.

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Cultural Diplomacy Art for Guernsey

The Renoir Walk

Cultural Diplomacy Art for Guernsey

Remembering Yardeskie

Cultural Diplomacy Art for Guernsey

Pioneering & Legacy