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L’s Olures – Guernsey Press

Art for Guernsey has curated a selection of work by local artist Charlie Buchanan ahead of a larger forthcoming exhibition L’s Olures (“The Myths’ in Guernesiais), once the project is complete. This small exhibition, which aligns the visual arts and literature is staged in association with the Guernsey Literary Festival- Myths and Legends was the theme of this year’s WriteStuff

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A Business Brief – Master Stroke!

Head of Chamber’s Creativity Industry Group, David Ummels, has been a driving force through Art for Guernsey in acquiring an original artwork by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. A trailblazing exhibition to allow islanders to engage and reconnect with this major part of our artistic heritage is to take place at Beau Sejour this autumn. The Renoir Trail was enjoyed by thousands of

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Hugo set to dramatically a-pier

Recognising one of Guernsey’s most famous residents, A Renaissance of Victor Hugo is to be held on the Albert Pier from later this month when Art for Guernsey offers its latest feast for the senses. This year Art for Guernsey’s artists in residence are the internationally acclaimed Daniel Hosego (London) and Oleg Mikhailov (St Petersburg). Both artists are incredibly versatile

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Business Brief – A Word from the President- Barrie Baxter

The pace of potential change is picking up around Chamber’s initiatives as business, civil servants and politicians recognise that there is a tight timeframe ahead of next spring’s island-wide election. The ‘to-do’ list is growing by the week with some major initiatives in our sights including the need to ensure that town remains vibrant and economically active and a focus

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Turner’s links with Guernsey uncovered

A sketchbook by famed artist J.M.W Turner, which is part of a collection described as one of the Tate Gallery Museum’s “greatest treasures”, contains drawings of places in Guernsey, art enthusiasts have discovered. English Romantic painter Joseph Mallord William Turner was one of the leading British artists of his time and is renowned for his landscape and watercolour work. After

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Le Rocher – La Promenade de Renoir vous Attend

Pierre- August Renoir occupe une place particulière dans le paysage culturel de Guernesey car le célèbre impressionniste a passé un peu plus d’un mois sur l’ile en 1883, travaillant sur 15 oeuvres majeures lors de son séjour, la plupart representant les magnifiques panoramas de la baie du Moulin Huet, L’année dernière, l’association caritative Art for Guernsey a célébré son importance

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Connect Magazine – Exploring art’s economic potential

It has been a memorable few weeks for the Art For Guernsey. Fresh from the announcement that the charity has syndicated a group of local art collectors to require an original Renoir that was painted in Guernsey, its founder David Ummels has laid out plants to curate an exhibition around that piece next month. Renoir’s connection to Guernsey is largely

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Double window – Speakers reflect on exhibition

by Danielle Kenneally AS THE Double Window exhibition of prisoners’ artwork drew to a close, a short reflection exploring the issues of incarceration, creative education and rehabilitation saw islanders discuss the project. The free event, which took place last week, was presented by Art for Guernsey and the Guille-Alles Library and saw several speakers, each working in a role

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Creativity Unlocked

A diverse and thought-provoking exhibition kicks off today at the Guille-Alles Library. Created by Art for Guernsey in collaboration with Clip (Creative Learning in Prison), Double Window is a showcase of 49 artworks by inmates of Les Nicolles Prison. Shaun Shackleton finds out more… Around nine months ago we were made aware of all the forward-thinking done by Clip and wanted to

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