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Painting a brighter future – Business Brief Guernsey

David Ummels is a man on a mission. He has a passionate belief that art has the power not just to inspire but to also drive economic growth and change Guernsey’s brand internationally for the better, Will Green reports. WHAT is soft power? It is a way of dealing with other countries that involves using economic and cultural influence to […]

Final days of mythical art showcase

Art for Guernsey has curated a selection of Charlie Buchanan’s watercolour paintings ahead of a larger upcoming exhibition themed around myths and legends. This small exhibition – L’s Olures (‘The Myths’ in Guernésiais) – aligns the visual arts and literature, is staged in association with the Guernsey Literary Festival, which selected Myths & Legends as the theme of this year’s […]

L’s Olures – Guernsey Press

Art for Guernsey has curated a selection of work by local artist Charlie Buchanan ahead of a larger forthcoming exhibition L’s Olures (“The Myths’ in Guernesiais), once the project is complete. This small exhibition, which aligns the visual arts and literature is staged in association with the Guernsey Literary Festival- Myths and Legends was the theme of this year’s WriteStuff […]

Renoir’s Enduring Importance to Guernsey -Contact magazine

When Art for Guernsey put together the Renoir Walk in the Moulin Huet valley in 2019,it was just the start of an exciting journey which will result in a trailblazing internationalexhibition curated on Guernsey soil in 2023. The French Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir spent just over a month in Guernsey in 1883and worked on 15 paintings during his stay, most […]

Outward Looking – Contact magazine

With an active External Relations initiative, Chamber has a busy few years ahead and Industry Group Lead David Ummels is at the heart of that activity As an organisation that fervently believes in living its mantra of working hard to raise the island’s profile on the world stage, Chamber is strongly committed to a programme of external relations.  In a […]

A Business Brief – Master Stroke!

Head of Chamber’s Creativity Industry Group, David Ummels, has been a driving force through Art for Guernsey in acquiring an original artwork by Pierre- Auguste Renoir. A trailblazing exhibition to allow islanders to engage and reconnect with this major part of our artistic heritage is to take place at Beau Sejour this autumn.  The Renoir Walk was enjoyed by thousands […]

Hugo set to dramatically a-pier

Recognising one of Guernsey’s most famous residents, A Renaissance of Victor Hugo, is to be held on the Albert Pier from later this month when Art for Guernsey offers its latest feast for the senses.  This year Art for Guernsey’s artists in residence are the Internationally acclaimed Daniel Hosego (London) and Oleg Mikhailov (St Petersburg). Both artists are incredibly versatile […]

Business Brief – A Word from the President- Barrie Baxter

The pace of potential change is picking up around Chamber’s initiatives as business, civil servants and politicians recognize that there is a tight timeframe ahead of next spring’s island-wide election.  The ‘to-do’ list is growing by the week with some major initiatives in our sights including the need to ensure that Town remains vibrant and economically active and a focus […]

Connect Magazine – Exploring art’s economic potential

It has been a memorable few weeks for the Art For Guernsey. Fresh from the announcement that the charity has syndicated a group of local art collectors to require an original Renoir that was painted in Guernsey, its founder David Ummels has laid out plans to curate an exhibition around that piece next month. Renoir’s connection to Guernsey is a […]

Le Rocher – La Promenade de Renoir vous Attend

Pierre- August Renoir occupe une place particulière dans le paysage culturel de Guernesey car le célèbre impressionniste a passé un peu plus d’un mois sur l’ile en 1883, travaillant sur 15 oeuvres majeures lors de son séjour, la plupart representant les magnifiques panoramas de la baie du Moulin Huet, L’année dernière, l’association caritative Art for Guernsey a célébré son importance […]

Turner’s links with Guernsey uncovered

A sketchbook by famed artist J.M.W Turner, which is part of a collection described as one of the Tate Gallery Museum’s “greatest treasures”, contains drawings of places in Guernsey, art enthusiasts have discovered. English Romantic painter Joseph Mallord William Turner was one of the leading British artists of his time and is renowned for his landscape and watercolour work. After […]

Double window – Speakers reflect on exhibition

by Danielle Kenneally AS THE Double Window exhibition of prisoners’ artwork drew to a close, a short reflection exploring the issues of incarceration, creative education and rehabilitation saw islanders discuss the project. The free event, which took place last week, was presented by Art for Guernsey and the Guille-Alles Library and saw several speakers, each working in a role […]

Creativity Unlocked

A diverse and thought-provoking exhibition kicks off today at the Guille-Alles Library. Created by Art for Guernsey in collaboration with Clip (Creative Learning in Prison), Double Window is a showcase of 49 artworks by inmates of Les Nicolles Prison. Shaun Shackleton finds out more… Around nine months ago we were made aware of all the forward-thinking done by Clip and […]

Fishing for inspiration

Undeterred by the postponement of the Art for Guernsey exhibition, A Renaissance of Victor Hugo, Oleg Mikhailov has been taking inspiration for more artwork from the sea, as Shaun Shackleton found out Art for Guernsey may have had to postpone its October exhibition, A Renaissance of Victor Hugo, until next year, but this has just inspired one of its artists […]

An artist’s island

In Renoir’s footsteps  Taken From ‘Country Life – Guernsey Special’ This year marks the centenary of the great French artist’s death. Guernsey is paying tribute to the man who made its landscapes famous, finds Holly Kirkwood When Renoir landed on Guernsey in the late summer of 1883, he was at the start of a new phase of his life and […]

Renoir, Revisted

Written by:Mat Hailer We were delighted when good friend, artist Dimitri Permiakov, came to visit us again this weekend as part of Art for Guernsey’s celebration of Renoir at Moulin Huet for Guernsey’s “Le French Festival”. You may remember Dimitri from his visit last year, as Art for Guernsey‘s 2018 Artist in Residence. Dimitri is a renowned Russian oil painter who works […]

In the Footsteps of a genius

Courtesy of Art for Guernsey, and as part of Le French Festival, visitors to Moulin Huet over the next few days will enter the world of French Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s 1883 trip to Guernsey. This will include an interactive journey of events, exhibition, painting demonstration and ‘art walk’. Shaun Shackleton gets put in the frame  MOULIN HUET has been transformed […]

Costa Rica link in pupils’ football shirt designs

Art for Guernsey competition inspired by local seafaring pioneer The island flaunted their winning football shirt designs along Market Street, with local artist Frances Lemmon and Guernsey seafaring pioneer William Le Lacheur as their inspiration. Art for Guernsey has been running a football shirt design competition for all Guernsey schools, using William Le Lacheur’s trip to Costa Rica – where […]

Art revisits legacy of Victor Hugo

Article By the Guernsey Press GUERNSEY PRESS Wednesday 15 May 2019 Two artists who will be in residence for the fourth Art for Guernsey have made their first trip to the island. Daniel Hosego from London and Oleg Mikhailov from St Petersburg, Russia, follow in the footsteps of other Art for Guernsey artists Eugen Gorean (2016), Olivia Kemp (2017) and […]


Interview with Art for Guernsey Founder David UmmelsAll rights are reserved by ‘The Townie” David tell us a little about yourself and how you are enjoying life in Guernsey? I came to settle on the island four years ago with my family, having been a passionate art and antique collector for more than 20 years. I very much like my […]

Team behind art hub idea put proposal before States

FINAL proposals have been put before the States steering group in the hope of turning the information centre in Town into an iconic arts venue. A team of nine have put together a detailed pack of what the venue would be used for and how Guernsey could benefit, both economically and socially. ‘We have 140 endorsements from well-respected parties who [...]

AN ICONIC art venue could make the difference between Aurigny making a profit or loss by attracting more visitors to Guernsey, business leaders have been told. David Ummels told the IoD that an iconic art venue could deliver huge benefits for Guernsey. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 23369429) Venue proposer David Ummels told a business event that his plan could inject [...]

Pair share vision for world-class art venue

A WORLD-CLASS art venue on the St Peter Port seafront will repay the cost many times over through an ‘amazing’ public-private partnership, say its proposers. David Ummels and Stretch Kontelj have joined forces to put forward their ambitious vision to turn the tourist visitor centre into an iconic art gallery – which they believe will be a ‘catalyst’ to broader [...]

Illustrator draws inspiration from Le Marchant ward users

HOSPITAL patients have helped inspire new artwork aimed at reducing the impact of their immobility. Arts for Impact designed the wall coverings in Le Marchant Rehabilitation Ward after illustrator Hugh Rose spent several weeks visiting the hospital to gain inspiration from its users.After consultation with staff and patients Mr Rose learned that a primary concern is the immobility of patients, [...]

Bursaries for best two of 77 young artists

TWO budding artists were awarded the Art For Guernsey Royal Drawing School bursaries, as judged by visiting artist Dmitri Permiakov. The winners of the two Art For Guernsey Royal Drawing School bursaries, Molly Le Pavoux, 15, left, and Jana Shrigley, 16. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 22661461) It is the second year the awards have been presented, giving the winners a [...]

Sovereign Art finalists enjoy a brush with visiting artist

FINALISTS for the Sovereign Art Foundation Student Prize were inspired by Russian artist Dimitri Permiakov yesterday during his visit to the island. Each year, Art for Guernsey brings over an artist for the summer and puts on an exhibition of some of their work from home and pieces they created in Guernsey.Founder of Art for Guernsey David Ummels said: ‘The [...]

‘We have the art here, all we need is iconic venue’

A FRESH call for an ‘iconic’ arts venue in Guernsey has been made – with ‘world class’ art collectors ready to loan artworks to it for free.null Entrepreneur and art collector David Ummels told yesterday’s Chamber of Commerce lunch that ‘world class’ art collectors living locally would be willing to loan some of their collection to be displayed for free, […]

Public vote decides winner of contest for young artists

A PAINTING depicting battery farm cruelty, a graphic print expressing alienation and a fine-line drawing of a Mad Hatter-themed dream world took the top prizes at the Sovereign Art Foundation’s school art competition. The prizegiving at this year’s Sovereign Art Foundation competition. Left to right: Stephen Hare, managing director of Sovereign Trust, College of FE art teacher Alice Coggins, Jonah [...]

Contact Magazine September 2017

Contact Magazine discovers Olivia Kemp. Pages from CONTACT PROOF 4-2 (1)

Guernsey Press June 2017

The Sovereign Art Foundation and Art for Guernsey express their similarities of endeavour in support for art education and the work of student artists. GP – Launch of Scholarship Award and 12 shortlisted artworks 23062017 (1) (1)

Guernsey Life Magazine September 2017

An interview with Guernsey Life Magazine September 2017 for Olivia Kemp. GSY life interview


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