Art for Guernsey has been busy since its inception with many ground breaking projects and high level activities. We have a strong dedication Culteral Deplomacy here at Art for Guernsey, we actively invite conversations with many global partners to establish new lines of opportunity and communication for arts.

Costa Rica link in pupils’ football shirt designs

Art for Guernsey competition inspired by local seafaring pioneer The island flaunted their winning football shirt designs along Market Street, with local artist Frances Lemmon and Guernsey seafaring pioneer William Le Lacheur as their inspiration. Art for Guernsey has been running a football shirt design competition for all Guernsey schools, using William Le Lacheur’s trip to Costa Rica – where […]


Joint venture between the Sovereign Art Foundation and Art for Guernsey, where Art for Guernsey provided two fully funded scholarships to two Guernsey art students from the 12 short-listed candidates participating to the Sovereign Art Foundation School Art Prize. The 2 winners have been selected by an Art for Guernsey jury made of Olivia Kemp (our last exhibiting artist and [...]


For the third year in a row, Art for Guernsey is teaming up with the Guernsey Cheshire Home and will once again sponsor a summer long outdoor art program (twice weekly for two months) open to all the residents, which will result in the making of a collective artwork inspired by Guernsey. The artwork will be displayed at the next [...]


Joint venture between the Guernsey Education Department and Art for Guernsey. In September 2018, we launched “Art in School”, an innovative art lending program where Guernsey based art collectors graciously lend artworks of museum quality to 18 Guernsey schools (private, public, primary, secondary), allowing more project based learning opportunities. The artworks are used as a starting point for multidisciplinary journeys [...]


In March, Art for Guernsey sponsored and curated the Literary Beards Art Exhibition at the Guille-Alles Library, showcasing the wonderful drawings of Chris Riddlle and helping to raise funds for the new children’s library project. We created a professionally curated environment that helped to revive the original purpose of the library’s second floor, which was once an exhibition space. The [...]


Ongoing cash donation to Arts For Impact and significant business development and strategic mentoring (Art for Guernsey has a board seat and I meet with management on regular basis). Arts for Impact is a charity active in the field of Art Therapy, is closely working with the Princess Elisabeth Hospital and with the NHS and has a successful partnership with [...]

Performing Arts Guernsey College of Further Education

In May, we sponsored for the second year in a row, the yearly show (“Bugsy Malone”) of the Performing Arts Department of the College of FE. Our donation allowed more than 1,000 Guernsey primary school pupils to see the performance for free.


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