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Art for Guernsey has curated a selection of work by local artist Charlie Buchanan ahead of a larger forthcoming exhibition L’s Olures (“The Myths’ in Guernesiais), once the project is complete.

This small exhibition, which aligns the visual arts and literature is staged in association with the Guernsey Literary Festival- Myths and Legends was the theme of this year’s WriteStuff competition.

Charlie has a long-standing relationship with Art for Guernsey. It curated an exhibition for her in 2018 and sponsored the publication of Charlie and Magnus Buchanan’s book, The Invasion Of The Wavelets, as well as supporting the production of a shadow play of this story.

Art for Guernsey turned this story into a film to support the launch of the Children’s Library, a project made in collaboration with the Youth Commission. 

‘Art for Guernsey is delighted to curate this exhibition in a context that aligns the visual and literary arts, in collaboration with the Guernsey Literary Festival,’ said David Ummels, founder of Art for Guernsey. ‘As an artist, Charlie has so much to offer in terms of helping us to interpret myths and legends and to revisit those interpretations with a real authentic twist. Her art is deeply poetic and resonates highly with the local audience because she has a genuine love for Guernsey’s beautiful scenery and history. We are also so pleased to be back at the Guille-Alles Library, such an important and friendly place for the arts in Guernsey.’

‘The team worked really hard on the exhibition, which is intended to be the ideal preparation platform for a much bigger show of Charlie’s art in the near future.’


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