Double window – Speakers reflect on exhibition

by Danielle Kenneally

AS THE Double Window exhibition of prisoners’ artwork drew to a close, a short reflection exploring the issues of incarceration, creative education and rehabilitation saw islanders discuss the project. The free event, which took place last week, was presented by Art for Guernsey and the Guille-Alles Library and saw several speakers, each working in a role with a connection to the effects of crime, present a short talk on the exhibition and the constructive dialogue it was intended to promote.

The first speaker, Dave Le Feuvre, who is head of learning and skills at Les Nicolles prison, spoke about the work of the Creative Learning in Prison charity and why it was so important to prisoners. ‘Prisoners are given a sense of satisfaction and pride when they commit themselves to doing work for the community,’ he said. ‘As well as education facilities within prison, the Clip charity allows for a wider subject offering to the prisoners providing skills and qualifications to increase their chances of employability upon release it makes them less likely to reoffend.

‘Some have been told they are a waste of space and given no en- Some of the speakers and attendees of the Double Window reflection session which followed an exhibition of prisoners’ artwork at the Guille-Alles Library. Projects like Double Window increase their confidence and self-belief in engaging in the community.’ It was this mission to build a legacy that inspires prisoners to fully integrate into the community that the second speaker also drew attention to. Former restorative justice development officer Paul Chambers said it was important to give a voice to the victims. ‘The process of allowing a victim and an offender to meet is really powerful,’ he said. ‘There can be a ripple effect that’s different to just standing in court or talking to a probation officer talking to the person


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