Joint venture between the Sovereign Art Foundation and Art for Guernsey, where Art for Guernsey provided two fully funded scholarships to two Guernsey art students from the 12 short-listed candidates participating to the Sovereign Art Foundation School Art Prize. The 2 winners have been selected by an Art for Guernsey jury made of Olivia Kemp (our last exhibiting artist and an alumni of the Royal Drawing School), James Freeman (owner and MD of the James Freeman Gallery in London) and Nikki Gardham (a London based artist and a teacher at the Royal Drawing School), who flew to Guernsey specifically for the occasion. I took the view that the people of Sovereign Art Foundation were doing a good job originating and identifying local artistic talents (80 artworks submitted to their School Art Prize, all from students aged 15 to 19 years), hence decided to position Art for Guernsey downstream of their work to offer two scholarships awards. The scholarships has provided the two winners (Hemu Khankashi and Edmund Morgan) with the opportunity to attend a two week long “Foundation Master-class” intensive art course for young artists aged 16-19. It is taking place from the 22nd of July until the 5th of August at the Royal Drawing School (RDS) in London. This is a unique opportunity for talented young Guernsey artists to hone skills, build a portfolio and experience art school first hand. Art for Guernsey has capitalizing on its good relationship with the Royal Drawing School to offer this life changing opportunity to Hemu and Edmund, get them exposed to Excellence and give them a chance to raise their standards just before their application to University. In order to make it an equal opportunity for all candidates, travelling and living expenses, accommodation and tuition costs have been fully covered. I will personally take them to Buckingham Palace at the Prince & Patron exhibition to see Olivia Kemp’s Guernsey drawing during their
stay in London.


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