Ongoing cash donation to Arts For Impact and significant business development and strategic mentoring (Art for Guernsey has a board seat and I meet with management on regular basis). Arts for Impact is a charity active in the field of Art Therapy, is closely working with the Princess Elisabeth Hospital and with the NHS and has a successful partnership with Agfa to beautify medical environments with a purpose and an impact (X ray rooms turned into Spaceship, Jungle and Submarine so far).

Last year, Arts for Impact designed and transformed the X-Ray room of the PEH into a Spaceship.

Arts for Impact design and decoration work at the “Le Marchant Ward” of the PEH is almost completed and the inauguration will take place in the next few weeks. The project involved a close collaboration with nurses and doctors to beautify their rehabilitation unit (Dementia, Alzheimer and Strokes) and most importantly, to position artworks in key locations in the Ward in order to create a destination and incentivise service users to walk more, hence improving their recovery time.

Arts for Impact has further capitalised on his partnership with Agfa (, a multi billion dollar company based in Belgium, and the maker of the X-ray machine used at the PEH, to put its design and decorative services on Agfa “menu list” globally (Agfa sold more than 500 X-ray machines across the world). Since then, Arts for Impact has been contracted to design and transform the two X-Ray rooms of NHS Exeter into submarine and jungle and the projects were succesfully delivered. Further opportunities are currently being assessed. This partnership has the potential to develop over the next few years and establish Arts for Impact, a “little Guernsey based charity”, as an innovative operator in the field of Art Therapy. Crucially, it can also generate resources that could then be available to support more charitable projects in Guernsey.

Agfa has also asked Arts for Impact to design and beautify their X-ray mobile unit with the view to increase the well being of the service users. This project has been implemented and a revenue sharing agreement is in place.


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