Art for Guernsey

Art for Guernsey is a charitable initiative launched and supported by Guernsey resident and art collector David Ummels.

“I very much like my life here in Guernsey.”The island is beautiful and has a lot to offer to young families in terms of lifestyle and quality of life. I very much enjoy watching my children and wife being happy and i believe that Guernsey deserves to take some credit for that.” I travelled, lived and conducted business in so many parts of the world, but so far I have never experienced the feeling to be in such a special place. In particular, I am most impressed by the level of courtesy and honesty of the islanders. It is so refreshing !!! It makes you feel like you want to raise your own standards and contribute as well.

That is why I came up with the idea of Art for Guernsey. The plan is to use my relationships in the art world to invite internationally renowned artists to exhibit their work in Guernsey. This initiative is very much about creating an opportunity for the islanders to discover high quality art for free. It is also about supporting the local community in donating all the profit generated by the exhibitions to local charities. Finally, It is about using the presence of the visiting artists to actively engage into the social life of the island: visiting schools, retirement homes, hospitals,.. in order to bring art where it is most needed and try to make people happy.”

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